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The decision to take the test
The decision to take the test is up to you, upon your doctor's recommendation. For more information about GA-map® Dysbiosis Test, please visit the official website, owned by Alfa Diagnostica SRL.

How it works

Where to take the test in Moldova
GA-map® Dysbiosis Test
is only available from Alfa Diagnostica medical laboratory. You collect the biomaterial and send it to the lab.

How to collect material

for analysis

The procedure for collecting feces is described in the instructions that come

with the kit. After collection is complete, the kit should be delivered to any Alfa Diagnostica collection center.

Where the test is performed
In the laboratory of Genetic Analysis AS (Oslo, Norway).


You can get it in any center Alfa Diagnostica personally, through your legal representative (by power of attorney) or by e-mail.
Laboratory report
Laboratory report includes the results of the study: dysbiosis index (ID); functional imbalance - characteristics and ratios in the detected bacterial profiles with comments, prevalence (abundance) of bacteria. The report also contains additional information about the characteristics of individual gut bacterial species.
GA-map® – gut microbiota profiling platform
The innovative technology platform GA-map® uses variable regions (V3 - V9) in the 16S rRNA gene, which is common to all intestinal bacteria.

Molecular targets of bacteria are identified by multiplex analysis using single nucleotide primer extension technology (SNuPE).

For DNA hybridization, 48 molecular probes were used, identifying and characterizing more than 300 species of intestinal bacteria of different taxonomic levels.

The GA-map ™ Dysbiosis Analyzer software automatically compares detected bacterial levels in a patient, with those found in a healthy population, thus reliably differentiating normo- and dysbiotic gut microflora for clinically relevant results
Validation and standardization for clinical use
GA-map® Dysbiosis Test
Clinically validated and standardized in healthy volunteers and patients with IBD and IBS from across northern and southern Europe.
- Used in more than 50 clinical studies.
- Published in 30 peer-reviewed scientific journals.


ALFA DIAGNOSTICA – official partner of Genetic Analysis AS in the Republic of Moldova.

About company:
Research and development diagnostic company, a pioneer in the study and mapping of the human microbiome.
The company, the first in the world to develop, document and clinically validate the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test, is designed to diagnose, characterize and evaluate the degree of gut dysbiosis.
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About company:
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